Mohammad Makhlouf

CEO of MRM Holding

Founder of MRM Holding

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Mohammad Makhlouf is the founder and CEO of MRM Holding, set to launch in 2020. Makhlouf graduated from the American University in Dubai, and currently lives in Dubai with constant visits to Europe. Even though Makhlouf studied in Dubai he has always felt like Europe, especially Paris, is where he felt like home. MRM Holding is mainly focused on gas, both the transportation and storage of it.  MRM Holding is constructing an underground gas reservoir with the possibility of expansion in the future. MRM Holding will play a major role in the transportation of gas from Russia to Europe with an ongoing project of ten LNG Transport vessels.

A Car Collector's Paradise: Inside Mohammad Makhlouf's life

Chicago Tribune

Our personalities are an intrinsic amalgamation of who we are. What we choose to do for recreation may also differ. Some people like collecting coins and stamps while others may choose to dabble in more lavish endeavors such as collecting luxury cars and vehicles. The allure has captivated Mohammad Makhlouf, who has blatantly admitted that cars are quite literally his kryptonite.

Mohammad has amassed a truly enviable collection that would leave even the most avid collector at a loss for words. Born into an affluent family, Mohammad has been free to pursue a number of hobbies, most notably golf and a collection of luxury cars. Mohammad is the proud owner of several unique number plates. His favorites being "2" and "7" which he believes brings him a hint of good luck.

Syria’s most charitable man – Mohammad Makhlouf


The goal of entrepreneurship is not only to introduce incredible business ideas but to change lives with those ideas and make a positive difference. Besides driving earnings through innovative products and services, a lot of entrepreneurs join the cause of giving and contribute towards the social, educational, and cultural development.

Meet Mohammad Makhlouf, a Syrian entrepreneur who is redefining the art of giving by committing to social causes. Mohammad is also known to be Syria’s most charitable man and continues to raise the bar in terms of philanthropy. Mohammad’s compassion of donating is inspiring not only the big corporates, but the whole of the community.


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